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A programming puzzle

I'd like to share a programming puzzle that I've encountered recently. The requirement was interesting and I was thinking over it. Finally, I got a way to deal with these non-conventional requirements. The requirement is something like below: 1. I need a program, which will launch another program from the command line (I mean Windows command line). I know this is not a big deal. But this requirement has two parts, which forced me to think: 1a. Once the user double clicks on the software, then a command prompt will launch and execute another program say notepad, and the command prompt will not return until the program launched (notepad) is closed by the user. 1b. If the user launches the program from an already open command prompt, then the prompt will not open another command prompt but launch another program (in this case notepad) and will not return until the launched program/process is closed. This is a relationship of parent-child. The parent is looking afte

Still in a learning process, not better than a mediocre student

I've spent a good amount of time in this Industry. Learned how to write good simple program and trying to learn more to reach to intermediate level. Journey was mix of reward and hardwork. Met people with different dimension, different skill set and lately realized I'm not only the person who wants to excel truly by learning the system more and more. Anyway in few upcomming series, I'll reveal some good approaches which I've learned so far by introspection. Will look more into the digital system and will see how it similar to our daily concepts.