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How do we list out files in Recycle Bin (Windows 7)

In this post, I tried to enumerate files within recycle bin using a small Win32 program. As we know that recycle bin is a special folder on Windows File System. The location of this directory is not in the registry; it is marked with hidden and system attributes to prevent the user from moving or deleting it. The steps to list out the contents of Recycle bin are as below: 1. It's a special folder denoted by CSIDL_BITBUCKET, which we need to pass to the function SHGetFolderLocation() method. 2. Source code snippet, I've avoided checks as much as possible to make the code simple and clean: int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[]) {     LPITEMIDLIST pidlWinRecycleFiles    = NULL;     LPITEMIDLIST pidlItems                = NULL;     IShellFolder *psfWinRecycleFiles    = NULL;     IShellFolder *psfDeskTop            = NULL;     LPENUMIDLIST ppenum                    = NULL;     STRRET strDispName;     TCHAR pszParseName[MAX_PATH];     ULONG celtFetched;     HRESULT hr;     hr