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Playing with Windows Media Player

Microsoft has given ability to its development tool to suit the requirement as per developer wish. I had a requirement which needs to play multiple instances of media player on a single monitor. As a feature we know Media player can have only one instance running at a time. So I was scratching my head and finally a solution struck me, which is embedding multiple Media player instances on a single Win Form. I've used and Windows Media Player library to solve the problem. Let's a have a look in the below sample program, the code is quite self explanatory. This sample code created an array of 2 Windows Media player instances and playing two audio (mp3) files simultaneously. The Recreate button destroys the previous instances and creates two more new one. This is a very basic code and it can be modified as per more complex requirement. However, running large number of multiple instances of Windows Media Player isn't advisable. using System; using System.Collections