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Deep Dive to Windows, Part 3 (Extension)

This is the extension of part 3. I'd like to explain few things in details.  In part 3 we started discussion on PEB_LDR_DATA structure. The more details  on it can be referenced in following MSDN article: As per MSDN, the structure looks like below: typedef struct _PEB_LDR_DATA { BYTE       Reserved1[8]; PVOID      Reserved2[3]; LIST_ENTRY InMemoryOrderModuleList; } PEB_LDR_DATA, *PPEB_LDR_DATA;   The highlighted part according to MSDN, "The head of a doubly-linked list that  contains the loaded modules for the process. Each item in the list is a pointer  to an LDR_DATA_TABLE_ENTRY structure."   The data type is LIST_ENTRY. According to MSDN, the structure is like below: typedef struct _LIST_ENTRY { struct _LIST_ENTRY *Flink; struct _LIST_ENTRY *Blink; } LIST_ENTRY, *PLIST_ENTRY, *RESTRICTED_POINTER PRLIST_ENTRY;   Let's see what WinDbg says about it.